StatState Of The Map Croatia 2024 – najava predavanja

Približava se konferencija i imamo termine predavanja i predavače.

OSM track počinje 17. 05. 2024.

Evo kratkih najava prijavljenih predavanja.

Bogomil Shopov – What tools are available for first-time OSM mappers and why contribute

As a community, we strive to ensure the quality of OpenStreetMap remains high. Join Bogomil on a journey where he’ll showcase the tools available for absolute beginners in OpenStreetMap mapping. Discover how to progress to the next level and understand the impact even a single change a day can have on the map’s quality.

Branko Kokanović – Surviving the import of 2.5 million addresses

In this session, Branko will delve into the journey of the Serbia community in importing 2.5 million addresses released as open data by the Government of Serbia. Gain insights into the extensive discussion, preparation, and development work involved in this massive undertaking. Explore the legal considerations, community collaboration, tagging schema decisions, and data labeling process. Discover the technical aspects, including the development of multiple tile servers, minutely reports, automated import scripts, and QA tools, all powered by open-source software tools. Learn about the challenges encountered during the import process and the strategies employed by the community and the Microsoft editorial team to complete the map. With 1.5 million addresses already imported, join us to learn about the progress made and the road ahead towards completion.

Ivan Habunek – Improving OpenStreetMap by leveraging open data

In this session, Ivan will delve into the world of OpenStreetMap (OSM) and discuss how open data can be leveraged to enhance its coverage. Discover the challenges faced in developing tools to convert and display raw geospatial data, making it usable for OSM contributors. Ivan will share his experiences in using these tools to significantly improve public transport mapping for cities like Zagreb and Rijeka.

Chiara Angiolini – TomTom’s contribution to and collaboration with OSM

In this session, Chiara will delve into TomTom’s significant contribution to and collaboration with OpenStreetMap (OSM). Discover how TomTom, as one of the world’s leading mapmakers, is embracing a future of collaboration by engaging with local mapping communities and encouraging new editors to join the OSM project.
Chiara will discuss TomTom’s engagement program for OSM, including sponsoring OSM conferences globally, organizing meetups at TomTom offices, launching MapRoulette/Tasking Manager, and hosting mapping parties and training sessions to enhance the quality and freshness of the OSM map.

Matija Nalis – Advanced survey with SCEE

In this session, Matija will introduce SCEE (StreetComplete “Expert Edition”), a friendly fork of StreetComplete designed for advanced surveying in OpenStreetMap. Discover how SCEE extends the functionality of StreetComplete, providing advanced users with greater customizability and extra features for faster and more versatile data gathering.
Explore the unique capabilities of SCEE and learn how it allows users to tailor their experience to their current level of OpenStreetMap expertise without overwhelming them with complexity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your surveying skills and contribute more effectively to OpenStreetMap with Matija Nalis.

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